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What is philippines postal code number

Postal codes for Philippines, Philippines. address lookup, or code list to find the correct zip code for your postal mails destination. All postcodes · Philippines. Philippines. With travel information on each city or province and a detailed Philippine map. Philippines Postal ZIP Codes 0 + Area Code + Phone number. ZIP codes of provinces according to the first two numbers. ZIP codes of cities and municipalities in Metro Manila according to the first two numbers. In the Philippines, the Philippine ZIP code is used by the Philippine Postal Corporation .

Owing to the nature of postal codes, meaning to say they tend to be specific to a limited area, the Philippines has various post codes depending. This is the Philippines Post Code page. This page includes the following content: code method, envelope example and address format, the way of writing the. GeoNames Home | Postal Codes | Download / Webservice | About. search. login. Philippines - postal codes. all countries, Algeria, American Samoa, Andorra.

Also, unlike American ZIP codes, the Philippine code is a four-digit number representing two things: in Metro Manila, a barangay within a city or. PHLPost has been in the business of mail delivery for over a century. We have the most extensive domestic acceptance, distribution, and delivery network. Search by City - Find postcodes in Philippines. Philippines Postcode search. Found postcodes: Short link to this page. In the Philippines, the Philippine ZIP Code is used by the Philippine Postal Also, unlike American ZIP Codes, the Philippine code is a four-digit number. Do you want to send letters, greeting cards, or package anywhere in the Philippines? Check out this list of Postal Codes (ZIP Codes).

Proper Placement of ZIP Code. The ZIP Code should be placed on the left hand side of the last line of the address preceding/before the city or province. It's also important that Wikipedia provides the details about zip code format (letter, number, or combined). Once you find the required article with postal codes list. Unlike American ZIP codes, the Philippines' ZIP codes are four-digit numbers without any extensions. While the cities of Metro Manila use more. zip code. Outside of the US the page will find your postal code. You can also find the zipcode of any address or point clicked on the map. Searching for a city.

General Santos City, Philippines zip codes. Accuracy of postal code coordinates (1=estimated; 6=best): The largest cities. Postal codes databse of Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Region, Philippines. Postal codes databse of Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Eastern Visayas, Philippines. What i did was i just put zero first before the four digit postal code.:) 1 Kudo . After reading these comments I put a zero in front of my Australian postcode.

I want to know what is the postal code of Philippines.

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